About Us

Dean Watson Contracting - the Dealing part of Healing and Dealing is operated by Dean Watson. Dean Watson Contracting has been in business since 2002.

Nelly the Navarra and the log splitter made a a lot of logs ago Nelly the Navarra with the custom made log splitter.


Dean grew up with a passion for most things that were run by an engine and learnt from an early age how things worked and how to fix them when they broke down - and in the case of cars - how to 'fix' them so they went a lot better.

After 20 years working firstly in the car wrecking business, then managing the workshop at White Trucks in Hastings, Dean decided to have a change in career. He did his 'apprenticeship' building with Paul Harrison from 2002 until 2008.

Also over the past 3 years he has been been doing maintenance engineering work at a large timber and pulp mill. 

Dean now has a custom built workshop, which of course he designed and built himself. He is fully set up for light engineering construction, maintenance and repairs;  and vehicle, plant and machinery repairs and maintenance.

The workshopsWATCON - ready to go

He has turned WATCON, his Isuzu truck, into a giant mobile toolbox for building, engineering and repairs.

Dean Watson Contractor 027 4510 198 or click here to email