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Originally I trained as a pharmacist, however over the 25 years working in that field more & more time has been spent researching and prescribing 'natural therapies'.

In 2004  I trained as a  Bowen practitioner. In my practice I also use homeopathic, homeobotanical and flower essence remedies all of which augment the Bowen Therapy or can act as stand alone treatments. Some supplements, such as minerals and fish oils, I recommend along with a good hard look at diet and lifestyle.

My personal quest to beat dis-ease really opened my eyes to what we are doing to ourselves and our planet. This led me to study sustainable agriculture, bio-dynamics and permaculture design and to finally give up ‘chasing the $ in town’.

From that ‘Healing Lands’ has grown:

After finishing the Certificate in Organic Growing course at Christchurch Polytech I bought a 3 acre block in Central Hawkes Bay and wanted a name and logo that encompassed my vision -  

‘Healing Lands’ is a double entendre

  •  The way we work with  the land is in a healing manner
  •  We use the land to heal people in a 3-fold manner - spiritual interaction of hands in the soil; the food that is produced; and the plants and animal products that are used in the Healing Lands products .

The process involved in arriving at the logo is detailed in the table below

IDEA                         Healing Lands logo            
FIRE intuition

FLOWER - umbel-companion & healing plant



nerve-sense system life of thought s salt

AIR inspiration


STEM - flowform; serpent - healing symbol


rhythmic-circulatory system life of feeling  s mercury

WATER imagination




limbic-metabolic system life of will  s sulphur

EARTH brain

SEED- point from which the path to consciousness begins



The little block of land in Ashley Clinton now has a new caretaker and in 2005 Dean and I were given the opportunity to buy where we are now. This 15 acres was subdivided off a large conventional sheep and beef farm. There is a man-made dam but the block was pretty devoid of trees and the fencing not conducive to one woman (with the help of 2 fox terriers not interested in being trained as stock dogs)  farming.

Always a work in progress, our 15 acres is developing along permaculture principles with the aim of being as self-sufficient and sustainable as practicably possible.

Join in with the journey on the blog page.


'Our lifestyle and diet are the most important ingredients to good health and well  being.'