Healing Lands

Due to busyness working on new pathways the Healing Lands products are unavailable for online purchase until further notice.

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Healing Lands LogoHealing Lands

Originally I trained as a pharmacist. Over the 30+ years working in that field more & more time has been spent researching and prescribing 'natural therapies'.

My personal quest to beat dis-ease really opened my eyes to what we are doing to ourselves and our planet. This led me to study sustainable agriculture, bio-dynamics and permaculture design and try to lead a simpler and more balanced lifestyle.

From that ‘Healing Lands’ has grown:

After finishing the Certificate in Organic Growing course at Christchurch Polytech I bought a 3 acre block in Central Hawkes Bay and wanted a name and logo that encompassed my vision -  

‘Healing Lands’ is a double entendre

  •  The way we work with  the land is in a healing manner
  •  We use the land to heal people in a 3-fold manner - spiritual interaction of hands in the soil; the food that is produced; and the plants and animal products that are used in the Healing Lands products .

The process involved in arriving at the logo is detailed in the table below

IDEA                         Healing Lands logo            
FIRE intuition

FLOWER - umbel-companion & healing plant



nerve-sense system life of thought s salt

AIR inspiration


STEM - flowform; serpent - healing symbol


rhythmic-circulatory system life of feeling  s mercury

WATER imagination




limbic-metabolic system life of will  s sulphur

EARTH brain

SEED- point from which the path to consciousness begins


 In 2005 I moved to15 acres that had been subdivided off a large conventional sheep and beef farm. There is a man-made dam but the block was pretty devoid of trees and the fencing not conducive to one woman (with the help of 2 fox terriers not interested in being trained as stock dogs)  farming.

Always a work in progress, our 15 acres is ever developing, with the help of the cosmos, along biodynamic and permaculture principles  with the aim of being as sustainable as practicably possible.



'Our lifestyle and diet are the most important ingredients to good health and well  being.'